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Call & Safety

We at the First Class Miners are serious about our members' safety.  So in 2003 we developed the Call & Safety program. It is simple. If you are going out to one of our claims to do some prospecting/mining and you perhaps are going out alone, or a few of you in one vehicle, or in a group and you want the added security of having someone know where you are, then call or text the FCM Call & Safety person. This is John Morley.  Tell him where you are going, and approximately when you plan to return as well as give John a phone number of someone that isn't going, like a spouse, or someone close to you that he can coordinate a search with. Be sure to call or text when you are back home, or at least back to pavement.  If you do not notify him when you are back and safe by the time you indicate he will launch a Search and Rescue to come to your aid.  Also, be sure to leave John's number with a spouse, or someone you know, in case you are not back on time so they can also contact him. It is that simple. John's phone number is 760-457-6702.

What to Take when Prospecting/Mining

Some of you are very comfortable with roaming the desert and mountains and are adept with what it takes to ensure your safety when out in these remote areas. Others may not have that experience.  So here are some items to be sure you always have when going out:  A good spare tire, check the air pressure!  Plenty of water; a good rule of thumb is 1 gallon per person per day - and take extra just in case of an emergency and you are out there longer than you anticipated. Shovel, maybe more than one. Food, again, bring extra just in case. Think about some sort of shade cover (I.E., Easy Up canopy or similar) when the weather is hot.  These are just the basics but of course there is so much more you can take, just in case.  Tire repair kit, blanket in case it is cold and you get stuck out overnight, Duck tape - fixes so many things, a "T" type Lug wrench - provide much more leverage than a stock lug wrench in case you need to change a tire, a GPS perhaps.  You can probably think of so many other things to add to your own safety package.  The key is, use common sense and Be Prepared!




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