First Class Miners, Inc.


Pictures from the Member Appreciation Dinner December 3rd, 2022

What a fantastic donation of $410.00 we received from the Night Sky festival this year! I would like to thank Sky’s The Limit Observatory & Nature Center and Joshua Tree Residential Education Experience!  These donations allow us to purchase the gold we seed the pans for future miners at these wonderful events and the start of next year.  We also received another fantastic donation from the folks at Parks and Recreation the city of 29 Palms for $300.00 for our panning booth at Pioneer Children’s Days and a total of $225.00 from the folks in our community.  Thanks again to all our volunteers that made this happen and to the members who stopped by to show support!

Mojave Desert Heritage & Culture Association (MDHCA) panning booth trip, April 23, 2022: 

This was the first time we set up a Panning Booth at this location. I want to thank all the volunteers that made this happen! Jim and Woody arrived at the MDHCA site Friday and the rest of us showed up at Saturday morning.  We had the museum and the Panning Booth set up and had our first future miners panning around 11:15. We also had some time to enjoy demonstrations on most of the old mining equipment and at the blacksmith shop. Throughout the afternoon we had folks stopping by, panning and enjoying Tom’s Museum and great conversation.

Humbug Campout  February 18th - 21st, 2021

(Because of washed out road conditions, Humbug took the place of Middle Camp)

Highlights from HUMBUG CAMPOUT- NOV. 12 - 14, 2021

Highlights from Ord Mountain Rendezvous 

Saturday - October 23, 2021

  Thank you to hosts Valley Prospectors.

Pioneer Days Gold Panning Event -

Saturday - October 16, 2021 Thank you to all who  volunteered.

Sky's The Limit Gold Panning Event- Sunday September 5, 2021


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Dedicated to the advancement of education in placer gold prospecting and mining.