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Welcome to First Class Miners Inc. A 501C (3) Non-Profit Educational Corporation Dedicated to the advancement of education in placer gold prospecting and mining.

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February  04, 2023 -(NEW DATEOrientation Tour Middle Camp - 8 am

February 17 - 19th 2023- President's Day Weekend Campout

at Middle Camp

Sunday, March 12, 2023 - 1 pm General Membership Meeting

 Saturday, April 15th. 12 p.m - 5 p.m.Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association (MDHCA) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED 

April 28-30, 2023. (Fri-Sun) CAMP OUT AT THE ORD MOUNTAINS

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The 2022 Annual Membership Appreciation dinner on December 3rd was incredibly successful.  Approximately 75 guests shared conversation, dinner, a delicious cake, and hoped their numbers would be drawn for the raffle.  Dinner was catered by Mine Train Smokery.   President Ron Matthias gave out several president awards. Greg Herring did a wonderful job on the raffle.  More information will follow in newsletter.  Below are a few pictures from the evening. Thank you to all who attended.

Yvonne Mack  (right) received the Dowie Award - An award that acknowledges outstanding service to the club for the year.

 Osmar Sanchez got miner of the year (6.26 gram) AND won the grand prize.   Sue and Greg Herring acknowledged for all they do at campsites.

 Steve and Sherry MacMillon acknowledged for the work the do with the library.   B.J. Donnelly and Tom Koch acknowledged for all they do with the mining museum and set ups at events.

Caterers - Mine Train Smokery


Pioneer Days Panning Booth; once again was a great success, and fun!  All our great volunteers started setup around 08:30 and was completed by 10:00. We had a great spot under the trees and we decided to set up one of our canopies this year due to the possibility of rain --and yes, we had rain and thunderstorms! After the parade, kids with parents in tow started showing up.  Many remembered us from last year and just couldn’t wait to get more gold, and some still remembered how to pan for gold! We were not disappointed with the turn out.  We had over 100 future miners panning with us! Tom’s Miner’s Museum was a big hit with parents and kids, especially all the gold on display that he has personally dug out of the ground!  We had kids panning for gold in the wind and rain until around 3:45 and pretty much everyone around us had packed up and was long gone except for the Petting Zoo folks, who were beside us also loading their van.  It was a great time for the sky to open up  - thunder and lighting and  a downpour - as we started breaking everything down! That didn’t bother anyone, as everyone knew what to do. We were loaded up the trailer and ready to go by  4:30.

Once again thanks to all the great Volunteers!!       


A 501C (3) Non-Profit Educational Corporation.

Dedicated to the advancement of education in placer gold prospecting and mining.