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Welcome to First Class Miners Inc. A 501C (3) Non-Profit Educational Corporation Dedicated to the advancement of education in placer gold prospecting and mining.

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April 26-28, 2024. (Fri-Sun) CAMP OUT AT THE ORD MOUNTAINS

May 1st, 2024 - Membership renewal begins.

May 4th, 2024 - Pioneer Celebration High Desert Museum 

May 11th, 2024 - General Membership Meeting @ 11

May 18, 2024 - Tour of Rattlesnake Canyon Claim 


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April 26-28th, 2024 At the Campout at Ord MountainThe First Class Miners Annual Coin Hunt on Saturday, April 27th at 1:00 pm

The Campout and Coin Hunt is open to all FCM Members, Valley Prospectors, Hi Desert Gold Diggers, and Prospectors Club of Southern California and their guests.

Cost of the Coin Hunt is $20.   500 Coins will be buried in the field that are not prize tokens.

20 Prize Tokens will be buried that are Antique U.S. Coins, Most are Silver and Most are 100+ years old. These coin “Tokens” will be buried shallow and be buried to be found! (Not difficult to find). These token coins will be on a list 1 through 20 identified by date. The finder of the #1 coin will have his choice of ANY of the prizes, and so on down the list to #20. There will additionally be 18, 100+ plus year old Lincoln Cent coins that will be buried “Deeper” up to 4” deep. Each of these cents can be redeemed for a fixed prize AND one of the cents will have a date that matches a U.S. Silver Dollar and will win that Dollar.  If more than 20 “Hunters” sign up then an additional group of prizes will be added.

Prizes in the hunt include a New in the Box Teknetics Metal Detector, GMRS Walkie Talkie Radios, A Mapping GPS, a Windows 11 notebook computer and many other worthy prizes.

There will be 5 items in the “Grand Prize group”. The first five tokens called may choose an item in this category, however each hunter may win only one “Grand Prize” (this rule is designed to spread the wealth). Each token called in order from a printed list may select from any of the remaining prizes except those that are prizes in the 100 year old cent hunt.  All token coins found may be kept by the finder after their prize is claimed. There is no “Lottery” type drawing for prizes.In addition to the token coins, there will be a number of other antique U.S. coins in the field that are NOT token coins. (You just get to keep them)

This hunt is designed such that even novice metal detector operators using an entry level detector stand a good chance of finding tokens and winning a share of prizes. The “5 Grand Prize Tokens” are all larger sized coins and should not be difficult to detect.

Advanced operators will find some challenge in searching for the 100 year old cents which will be deeper and require more skills to detect.

The Poker Chip token with the silver star is a wildcard.

First Class Gold Miners Prospecting Club's annual Middlecamp, Eagle Mountain Gold Claim campout the weekend of Feb 17th. Photos were provided by FCM Members: Ron, Tony and Yvonne.

Greg Herring speaks at the Public Lands for the People event in October 2023

Petition Opposing the Proposed Chuckwalla National Monument and JTNP Expansion -

The campout at the Humbug claim  November 10th- 12th, 2023 was a successful couple of days.  Perfect weather, found gold, and Saturday's potluck made for a great weekend camping adventure.


A 501C (3) Non-Profit Educational Corporation.

Dedicated to the advancement of education in placer gold prospecting and mining.